Garni Hotel Holiday, Podgorica

Except excellent location, which makes this hotel attractive for wide variety of visitors, it`s more than excellent accommodation offer in high 3 star rang.

Being equipped with a moder requisites [LCD TV sets, air conditioners, mini bars, telephones] in a very comfortable rooms, which are tastefully decorated in a contemporary style with good use of colour mixed into tranquil setting, hotel provides pleasant stay and accommodation in Podgorica. Public areas as well as rooms are covered with hi-speed internet.

Rooms are organized according to standards recommended for Garni Hotel - 8 single rooms, 6 double rooms, 6 rooms with king-size bed.

The Hotel would especially suit visitors of P9:44 26.3.2008odgorica, foreign and domestic tourist, groups, organized visits and passers-by. Considering prices of accommodation in Podgorica - Holiday is even more appealing because its prices are carefully balanced in accordance with comfort and services offered.

+38164 5558581
+38161 6154768

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